Welcome to Free Microsoft Points!

Free Microsoft Points are what every XBox 360 gamers wants. They are needed for a wide variety of things from the XBox Live Marketplace and can run out easily. However, there is a way where you can get Free Microsoft Points with little to no work at all! It's possbile to get Free Micrsoft Points by doing online surveys. Now, when you hear "online surveys", you might think it'll be boring and all but it really isn't. Not to mention, it's the only way to get Free Microsoft Points without risking your XBox Live account. Read on to learn the steps on how to get Free Microsoft Points!

Step 1: Sign Up!

Signing up to Rewards1 is your first step to getting Free Microsoft Points! You can sign up from the banner below. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and it's completely free to join. Make sure the information you've entered is correct so you'll be able to receive your prizes! Remember to verify your confirmation email to receive a sign-up bonus too!

Free Microsoft Points

Step 2: Earn Points!

When you've signed up, you can start earning some points. Points or cash are earned from surveys, offers, games, referrals, and much more! With these points you get, they can be used to redeem for free prizes sold off Amazon with include Free Microsoft Points!

Step 3: Get Prizes!

Now you can get your Free Microsoft Points after completing enough surveys. You can either choose to have a card mailed to you or a code emailed to you. What you get doesn't have to be gaming related at all. It can be clothes, food, electronics, and much more!

Now that you've learned how to get Free Microsoft Points, be sure to sign up to get yours. If you are not convined yet, feel free to check out the Proof page to see prizes real members have received.